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MISSION: Critical Path Software, Incorporated sustainably reduces operational costs while increasing performance and stability in the IBM mainframe environment creating immediate impact and limiting risk.

Critical Path Software, Inc. (CPSI) opened its doors in 1986. The firm has since served hundreds of multinational companies utilizing its proprietary tools, TurboTune and TurboTuneSQL. CPSI facilitates immediate performance improvement across an entire mainframe environment. These aggregated improvements translate into reduced CPU usage (a.k.a. cost savings) and increased stability.

Our proprietary, patent pending, process and software can be used regardless of environment size. Recent clients have included 300 MIPS, 5,000 MIPS, 20,000 MIPS and even 150,000 MIPS environments. The process improves performance for all software including third-party (BMC, CA etc.).

Is your company is operating an IBM mainframe? CPSI will ensure your company’s mission critical data, applications, systems and IT infrastructure, as they pertain to the mainframe, operate efficiently and securely while creating sustainable cost reductions well into the future.