No-Cost Analysis

Critical Path Software offers a no-risk, non-intrusive, no-obligation assessment of any IBM mainframe. This assessment is provided at our cost and may be requested by current clients as a method of on-going system maintenance and firms wishing to understand potential savings and performance improvements achievable through the Critical Path Software process.

All data required for the preliminary analysis is non-sensitive and non client specific however we take your privacy and data security seriously. Our website, file transfer processes, and file storage areas are protected with encryption and firewalls.

Should a Non-Disclosure Agreement be required please upload the agreement for review by our counsel. The document will reviewed, executed and returned to the point of contact. Once returned the firm may upload data for the no-cost preliminary assessment.

Critical Path Software’s goal is to recover underutilized MIPS, (MSU’s), DASD, CPU and I/O. We also improve online transaction response times and shorten batch run times. Maintaining stability, especially during critical periods, is crucial for all companies. Improved performance will ensure this is the case. Typical MIPS reductions at peak load may be upwards of 30%. These results will not only achieve the savings result in the annum of optimization they are sustainable for years to come. These savings also transfer to new hardware when this becomes necessary, which is inevitable. Further tuning should be addressed on a scheduled maintenance plan as natural growth and evolution of software occurs.

The DATA GATHERING INSTRUCTIONS and ENVIRONMENTAL CHECKLIST provide Critical Path Software with the basis required to determine potential savings and performance improvement. The data gathering process requires no more than a couple of hours. Typically within ten days CPSI will analyze the data and provide an Assessment Report.

To receive an initial assessment of your mainframe environment at our cost use the form below.

Instructions for gathering data required for the assessment are HERE.

If files are password protected please email the password to or your account representative immediately.

We look forward to receiving your data and thank you for entrusting Critical Path Software with your business.