Mainframe Optimization Analysis

Thank you for your interest our TurboTune products. We are happy to provide you with a complementary assessment of your mainframe environment. The links below will provide you with detailed instructions on the information that we would need in order to get started.

The data required to perform the initial analysis DOES NOT contain sensitive information or present a security issue for prospective clients and partners. Collection of the data requires a couple of hours and is not complex. It can easily be collected by a systems engineer.

Below are links to our data gathering process for the TurboTune and TurboTuneSQL (Db2) platforms.

TurboTune SQL runs in two phases which will verify the process within your development environment prior to collecting data from the production environment. Once Phase I is complete Phase II instructions, specific to your environment will be forwarded to your team.

Please contact me with questions regarding the data gathering process.


Chris Barber Executive
Vice President Global
Business Development