How to Improve your Mainframe Performance & Reduce your MLC Cost.

When mainframe performance and the MLC costs are not working as well as they should we can greatly improve both.

After the basic analysis we can see which files are not working efficiently. The basic analysis is just the beginning. Mainframe performance and high MLC costs can be caused by improvable settings to the file or it can be better settings and parameters the client has but are not using.

We have 20 analysis tools to drill down deeper and identify how the files can be improved and the cause of the inefficiency.

Our tools can improve buffering or contention from other files or in the LSR Buffer Pools or in batch JCL and many other conditions such as program code etc., but it all starts with the free analysis.

We have analyzed 2,200 Mainframes and never found a Mainframe that TurboTune couldn’t improve. Finding Mainframe underperforming files and reducing the cost to process those files is our expertise. We will analyze and fine tune your mainframe system to ensure its optimal performance and cost efficiency.

This is how we optimize your mainframe system to speed up its performance and reduce its cost.

TurboTune is the ONLY Predictive Monitor

All Mainframe Monitors show you what you are doing. They can identify problems and point to where the problems are occurring. But ONLY ONE can find the problem, fix the problem, and tell you exactly what the fix will achieve cost and performance wise.

All Monitors look at what you are doing, but can’t tell you what you are not doing, that you have the ability to do but are just not using and how much better you will be if you start using your existing abilities.

TurboTune can analyze your entire Mainframe and find every opportunity where improvement can be made. Then calculate the impact of making that improvement. It can tell you exactly how much CPU, MIPS, MSUs, I/O, EXCP’s, DASD, and Response Time can be saved. You can then calculate the MLC cost savings. TurboTune speeds Performance and at the same time reduces cost.

TurboTune is an IBM Business Partner and uses only IBM standard recommendations. NO program logic is changed or adjusted in any way. There are NO security implications at all and NO software is installed on client’s Mainframe. Only IBM utilities are used.

We will Analyze your Mainframe, Improve your Files and Help your Company.

mainframe tuning and improvement

Mainframe performance & cost saving tools include:

  • Turbo Catalog Analyzer© – Identifies VSAM Catalog Error
  • Turbo VSAM Analyzer© – Efficiency Optimization of VSAM
  • Turbo CICS Analyzer© – FCT, PPT, TCT, Shut down STATS analysis
  • Turbo IMS Analyzer© – Parameters and Buffer Analysis
  • Turbo DB2 Analyzer© – Systems and Bootstrap Analysis
  • Turbo BATCH JCL Analyzer© – Checks and improves 150 PARMS
  • Turbo JESLOG Analyzer© – Identifies Batch runtime improvements
  • Turbo BUFFER Analyzer© -Identifies and improves Buffering
  • Turbo Control Card Library Analyzer© – Identifies Improvements
  • Turbo PROC Library Analyzer© – Identifies Improvements
  • Turbo DASD Storage Analyzer© – Saves disk space
  • Turbo COBOL Analyzer© – Reduces CPU consumption
  • Turbo-Pro Monitor© – Proactive Monitoring Tool
  • Turbo Re-engineering Data Base©
  • Turbo Parallel Processing Methodology©
  • Turbo Shadow Processing Methodology©
  • Turbo Workload Balancing Analyzer©

TurboTune Will Find Underperforming Files

Underperforming Files Found

The Process

    The client gathers files on the client’s mainframe using standard IBM utilities. This is a fast and easy process that usually takes about one or two hours of time.
    Only statistical data is gathered and no confidential information is collected. The client will also complete an environmental check list so any special switches can be set for the analysis.
    The client sends the gathered data and check list over the internet to CPSI for analysis. TurboTune parses each individual file into 139 buckets. Each bucket is then normalized in order to do comparisons against a highly tuned expert database.
    Comparisons are run for each of the client files against the expert data base and standard deviations from the mean are calculated. When the client’s files are very well tuned the analysis will run in a relatively short amount of time, but when the TurboTune programs are finding a lot of underperforming files the analysis will take much longer.
    All underperforming buckets are measured against better performing buckets in the expert database and the differences are calculated and kept.
    Then the differences in the file’s settings are identified so the underperforming file can be improved to the level of the better performing expert data base file.
    Each of the client’s file’s are measured for improvement in such things as I/O, CPU, excp’s, MIP’s, Online Response Time, Batch Run Time, and DASD Storage.
    Once all files have been analyzed, all of the individual differences are added up for each category and a Summary of findings Management Report is created for the client.

Standard IBM Recommended Improvements

Improvements Made
    After the preliminary analysis is completed and if the client wishes to achieve the savings identified by TurboTune, additional extracts will be gathered and a Book of Improvements will be created showing in detail the exact changes which must be made to each file in order to get the improvements.
    All of the improvements are Standard IBM RECOMMENDED settings and will only improve the performance and reduce the cost of processing data on the client’s mainframe. The improvements are implemented by the client using standard IBM utilities and no additional software is installed on the client’s mainframe.
mainframe tuning cost reduction
TurboTune has analyzed several billion files and improved over 50,000,000 files giving only more efficient processing. This is because TurboTune has a file verification process using IBM utilities so the improvement always works.

For a small monthly fee add a Mainframe Performance and MLC Cost Reduction Specialist to your team to remotely monitor, identify and rectify Cost and Performance Issues.

The Results

  • One of the 4 largest banks had a monthly batch run of 42,000 jobs that ran for 24 hours. After tuning the jobs ran in 9 hours using 82% fewer I/O and 51% less CPU. The following jobs started 15 hours sooner.
  • A very large Medicare Health Insurer had a daily run processing 19,000,000 Medicare Clients. After tuning they could turn off 1 and a half engines.
  • A very large Airline had a month end job that ran for 15 days every month. After tuning the job ran in one day.
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