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Mainframes have proven themselves to be secure and reliable processing platforms. New uses and higher demand are driving MIPS and costs upwards, presenting tough challenges for CFO’s. Distributed applications are forcing the mainframe to work harder. There is an immense surge in demand and further pressure for the mainframe to deliver services at ever increasing speeds. The smartphone generation has CIO’s struggling to deliver results while co-existing with increasing costs controlled by CFO’s. Usage fees are a significant component in the overall cost of ownership of a mainframe. This figure can be 10% to 40% of an organization’s IT budget, depending on the size of the mainframe footprint.

How can companies reduce their mainframe environment costs in a way that has immediate impact and poses extremely limited risk? TurboTune! Our flagship software suite operates independently of your mainframe. We NEVER load software on your system and we NEVER change program logic. Get more information about TurboTune here.

Critical Path Software, Inc. offers a no-risk, non-intrusive, no-obligation assessment of your mainframe at our cost. Our goal is to recover underutilized MIPS, (MSU’s), DASD, CPU and I/O. We also improve online transaction response times and shorten batch run times. Get more info about our No-Cost Mainframe Assessment here.

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