Critical Path Software Announces Db2 Package Clean-Up Software!! REDUCE MSU IMMEDIATELY!

The Significance of DB2 Package Clean Up for Lowering CPU Usage on IBM Mainframes

As data center professionals, we understand the importance of ensuring that our mainframes are running at optimal performance levels. One issue that can cause reduced performance and increased costs is the accumulation of obsolete DB2 packages.

When applications are decommissioned or new programs replace old ones with the same name, the DB2 catalogs become filled with these obsolete packages. This can cause a bottleneck in the system and prevent applications from running properly. In some cases, this can even lead to complete application outages.

Despite the known performance and financial costs associated with obsolete packages, many data center professionals choose to allow them to build up due to the risks involved in removing them incorrectly. This practice is not only wasteful but also prevents applications from running at their full potential.

This is where Critical Path Software comes in. We are a leading expert in the field of DB2 package clean-up and have developed a solution to this problem – TurboTuneSQL Package Clean-Up SaaS. Our service identifies and safely removes obsolete packages from the DB2 Catalog, significantly reducing MSU consumption and increasing application performance.

It’s important to note that removing packages presents a risk of outage if completed incorrectly. Therefore, it’s essential to always validate that the package has performed ZERO workload before removing it. TurboTuneSQL provides an easy-to-use Java interface, allowing users to ensure that they aren’t removing active packages. By identifying and removing packages that are costing valuable resources without providing any workload, we ensure that your system runs smoothly and efficiently.

Don’t let obsolete DB2 packages slow down your system and drain your finances. Turn to Critical Path Software and our TurboTuneSQL Package Clean-Up SaaS for a safe and effective solution.