TurboTuneSQL Package Clean-Up Software

Critical Path Software is pleased to present our latest offering. The TTSQL Package Clean-Up SaaS delivery is unique, providing powerful results and value to our customers and partners.  

The Db2 catalogs fill and bottleneck with obsolete packages when applications are decommissioned or new programs replace old programs with the same name. Obsolete Db2 packages cause their applications to run at reduced speeds, prevent processes from running concurrently, and can prevent the applications from running entirely.
Removing obsolete packages can present a risk of outage if completed incorrectly. Due to this risk many data center professionals prefer to simply allow the build-up of obsolete packages regardless of the resulting limited perfomance and financial cost.
TurboTuneSQL Package Clean-Up SaaS is the solution to this wasteful pratice. TTSQL Package Clean Up identifies and safely removes obsolete packages from your Db2 Catalog significantly reducing MSU consumption and increasing application perfomance.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to always validate the package has performed ZERO workload before you remove it. TurboTuneSQL provides an easy to use Java interface allowing the user to always be sure they are not removing active packages. TurboTuneSQL identifies packages which are costing you valuable resources (performance and money) yet not providing workload. These are the only packages you should remove.