TurboTune & Mainframe Performance

The powerful suite of unique tools employed by the TurboTune platform allows Critical Path Software to project savings in the mainframe environment related to performance. Critical Path Software offers a non-invasive, low cost remote analysis. This allows our clients and partners to experience a risk-free preliminary “x-ray” of their sub-system and Db2 environments.

We know of no other company that offers a predictive analysis to the client. Our engaged clients and partners call our continuing assessments a “no-brainer”.

Mainframe Performance Improvements

TurboTune operates at the file level. The underlying premise of the TurboTune process is file behavior. File behavior is the primary factor in system resource utilization and mainframe performance. When file attributes are altered, based on a “best practices” methodology, system utilization is reduced and performance improves. The incremental contribution of performance gain for each file, when aggregated, produces significant results, reducing mainframe workload.

Reductions in resource demand and increases in mainframe performance are highly noticeable due to the scale of the improvements. Reductions in resource demand (5% – 30% and possibly higher) leads to reductions in MIPS, MSUs, CPU, I/O and EXCP activity. This translates into a reduced need for engines, footprint and DASD space/volumes. Any increase in mainframe performance leads to improved online response times, shortened batch run times, and increased end user productivity.

Within a relatively short period of time TurboTune can outline solutions to reduce your cost of operation upwards of 30% annually….. EVERY YEAR moving forward. The TurboTune process is lasting and migrates to upgraded hardware when your firm is ready.

Critical Path Software identifies root issues, improves buffering, reduces contention between files (in the LSR buffer pools and/or in batch JCL) and improves a variety of additional conditions including program code. It all begins with our NO-COST MAINFRAME ASSESSMENT.

TurboTune, is the only predictive monitor in the mainframe space. All mainframe monitors can identify issues and point to the current location of the issue. TurboTune is the only software identifying necessary files improvements while running completely outside of your mainframe environment,  eliminating risk to your system.

The unique suite of mainframe performance products, used by the TurboTune, platform examines and compares every file at 139 separate points of settings and usage:

  • Turbo Catalog Analyzer© – Identifies VSAM Catalog Error
  • Turbo VSAM Analyzer© – Efficiency Optimization of VSAM
  • Turbo CICS Analyzer© – FCT, PPT, TCT, Shut down STATS analysis
  • Turbo IMS Analyzer© – Parameters and Buffer Analysis
  • Turbo DB2 Analyzer© – Systems and Bootstrap Analysis
  • Turbo BATCH JCL Analyzer© – Checks and improves 150 PARMS
  • Turbo JESLOG Analyzer© – Identifies Batch runtime improvements
  • Turbo BUFFER Analyzer© -Identifies and improves Buffering
  • Turbo Control Card Library Analyzer© – Identifies Improvements
  • Turbo PROC Library Analyzer© – Identifies Improvements
  • Turbo DASD Storage Analyzer© – Saves disk space
  • Turbo COBOL Analyzer© – Reduces CPU consumption
  • Turbo-Pro Monitor© – Proactive Monitoring Tool
  • Turbo Re-engineering Data Base©
  • Turbo Parallel Processing Methodology©
  • Turbo Shadow Processing Methodology©
  • Turbo Workload Balancing Analyzer©

Mainframe performance is the key to cost reductions. TurboTune will reduce costs by as much as 30% in the IBM MLC invoice:

  • CICS environment
  • IMS environment
  • ORACLE environment
  • BIG DATA environment
  • DATACOM environment
  • PEOPLESOFT environment
  • Top Secret environment
  • z/VM environment
  • RLS environment
  • SYSTEM OVERHEAD environment
  • DB2 environment
  • SAP environment
  • HADOOP environment
  • ANALYTICS environment
  • PEGA environment
  • ACF2 environment
  • Z/OS environment
  • HSM environment
  • ADABAS/NATURAL SAG environment
  • RACF environment

TurboTune will increase mainframe performance speeds by as much as 50% in the following areas:

  • SAS
  • OS/390
  • Z/VM
  • CICS
  • IMS
  • SAP
  • PEGA
  • RACF
  • Z/OS
  • MVS
  • TPF
  • DB2
  • VSAM
  • ACF2
  • HSM
  • RLS