About CPS

Critical Path Software, LLC,  led by its founder, Ralph Bertrum, is the corporate force behind TurboTune and TurboTuneSQL. CPS is an effective team of mainframe technicians specializing in z/OS mainframe performance optimization.

About Critical Path Software

Critical Path Software, LLC. (CPS) provides cost reduction and optimization services for mainframe environments. CPS utilizes TurboTune® and TurboTune® SQL, proprietary suites of highly-specialized, one -of-a-kind analytics tools to audit mainframe systems. These non-intrusive tools analyze I/O subsystems and databases in the mainframe environment.

CPS provides a series of reports describing, in detail, the data sets that are underperforming and require modification. These reports enable companies to fully optimize their mainframe file systems. After optimization, companies achieve dramatic performance increases and reductions of MIPS/MSUs, software costs, CPU cycles and recovery of DASD. CPS is proven highly effective to optimize and dramatically reduce costs, especially when companies are facing:

  • Latency obstacles
  • Company mergers or acquisitions
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Consolidation of data centers
  • Performance problems
  • Selecting an outsourcing vendor


CPS is currently offering a preliminary assessment, at their cost, to help companies identify inefficiencies in their mainframe processing. The auditing process is simple and non-intrusive. Required data can be collected in less than two hours and the assessment is usually completed within a week. The resulting report, gives companies a measurable/verifiable snapshot of where inefficiencies reside in their mainframe system.

CPS has been in business since 1986 and has performed in excess of 2,000 mainframe audits for companies spanning the globe. CPS is an IBM Business Partner and has an excellent reputation in the industry. CPS stands behind its process with a 100% performance guarantee.