Performance & Cost Reduction Survey

Critical Path Software would like to know about your company’s performance and cost reduction condition. This information helps us tailor our products to meet the primary needs of most organizations employing z/OS mainframes. 

We would greatly appreciate it if you take a few moments to fill out the quick survey below. 

To show our gratitude for taking the time Critical Path Software will provide our initial analysis of your data center at a 50% discount. (A value up to USD 5,000) 

Simply complete the survey to the best of your ability and provide the requisite contact information. Our representatives will contact you within forty-eight business hours to discuss. 

Performance & Cost Reduction Survey

Please be sure to fill out all fields for which you have the information. This will allow for the most productive discussion.

Is the organization requiring a hardware upgrade in the next 12 months?
Will significantly reducing CPU consumption delay the hardware upgrade?
Will significantly reducing CPU consumption create savings?
Do all third party software costs increase as MIPS/MSU consumption increases?
Are you meeting your current service level agreements (SLA)?
Is improving response times important to you?
Are applications growing along with DASD requirements?
Is DASD recovery important to you?
Are there applications that require perfomance improvement?
Do all batch applications run within the nightly batch window?
Do you feel batch should run faster and cost less?
Do you have long running or CPU intensive jobs?
Own or leave the mainframe?
Fully outsourced?
Are any IT functions outsourced?
WIll a reduction in MSU/MIPS consumption lower your cost to outsource?
Systems software products you have installed?
Does the organization tune and perform processing maintenance in-house?
Is your system overhead greater than 8%?
IBM Tailored Fit Pricing (TFP) Customer?
If YES to TFP which type: