Mainframe Cost Reduction Analysis

At Critical Path Software we are supremely confident in the TurboTune and TurboTuneSQL (Db2) suites. So much so we offer the preliminary analysis of your mainframe environment at a cost any manager can typically  authorize independently. This is an opportunity for your firm to “x-ray” the sub-system and/or Db2 remotely with zero risk.

Critical Path Software will provide you with statistical data gathering instructions. The result is an assessment report outlining our projected capabilities and the achievable savings. If we cannot assure you of a minimum of 4% savings we will return the small assessment fee. We are unique. As far as we know you cannot receive this offer from any other company.

Mainframe Assessment Report

Our mainframe assessment report will provide you with detailed information on areas to optimize in your mainframe environment. The report will include:

  • Projected online response time savings
  • Projected batch run time savings
  • Projected DASD track savings
  • Projected online and batch I/O savings
  • Projected online and batch EXCP’s savings

Simply complete our form. Our team will provide you with detailed instructions for statistical data extraction. Non-invasive, fast and risk free. 

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