Is your mainframe system running slowly?

We are Critical Path Software Inc. TurboTune is our Software.

  • An IBM Business Partner company specializing in mainframe performance tuning and mainframe cost management.
  • We have designed and developed TurboTune software system, a state-of-the-art suite of mainframe analysis tools and mainframe performance improvement/tuning database.
  • We have provided Performance Tuning Services and Analyses for over 1,100 major Fortune 5,000 corporations World Wide.

What We Can Do For You

Is your mainframe computer system running slowly due to heavy usage?
We will analyze (for free) & fine tune your system to improve your mainframe performance and reduce costs.
No need for expensive additional hardware. Only potential huge savings.

Product and Services

Mainframe Performance Improvement

TurboTune has analyzed several billion files Worldwide over the years, and improved more than 50,000,000 files giving only more efficient processing.

MLC Cost Reduction. Up to 30%

We will ensure that your mission-critical data, applications, systems and IT infrastructure operate efficiently, cost effectively and securely.

Get Your Free Analysis Today!

It only takes an hour of your time to save millions. We will identify opportunities to reduce your software costs. We will include processor cache optimization metrics.

TurboTune Benefits

  • Reduce your z/OS MLC and increase the transactions per millisecond.
  • Data Gathering only takes an hour and no software is installed.
  • Effective on all IBM mainframe operating systems, applications, data bases and buffering tools.
  • Reduces peak load prime time CPU and MLC.
  • Improves SLA’s. Delays Upgrades. Turn off engines.

Mainframe Performance Improvement Case Studies.


  • One of the 4 largest banks had a monthly batch run of 42,000 jobs that ran for 24 hours. After tuning the jobs ran in 9 hours using 82% fewer I/O and 51% less CPU. The following jobs started 15 hours sooner.

  • A very large Medicare Health Insurer had a daily run processing 19,000,000 Medicare Clients. After tuning they could turn off 1 and a half engines.

  • A very large Airline had a month end job that ran for 15 days every month. After tuning the job ran in one day.

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