For four decades Critical Path Software has provided cost saving performance optimization.

CRITICAL PATH SOFTWARE’S MISSION: Significantly reducing operational costs, while increasing performance in a sustainable manner, in the z/OS mainframe environment, creating immediate measurable impact for all clients.

Using TurboTune and TurboTune SQL we have analyzed billions files across the globe improving more than fifty million files for our clients and partners.


Request a mainframe analysis. We'll pay for it.

That’s right. Critical Path Software will pay for the preliminary analysis of your mainframe environment. This non-invasive process happens remotely and requires very little effort on the part of our clients and partners. Please clink on the link below for details and instructions.

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“We installed and we saw GREAT results. The Fiche processing that normally begins the 3rd business day of the month, and has more than 45,000 jobs, usually runs 24 hours. It just ran in under 9 hours!! Thank you TurboTune for the file recommendations. This worked out nicely.”

Cut 62% of  your run time allowing for more processing. What is that worth to a 24/7 data center?

Fortune 25 West Coast  – Senior Tech

“We saw improvement here that exceeded what we had been guaranteed. At the conclusion of the effort, I wrote a process that analyzed our SMF data to report on performance-related improvements that were realized. I put this into a spreadsheet and graphed it for a presentation at our technical architectural meeting. My boss was very satisfied with the improvements that we achieved…. (as was I).”

“I would recommend TurboTune to anyone attempting to improve performance and reduce costs.”

Senior Engineer – Global Insurance Company

“I was in charge of Citibank’s dual Asia Pacific Data Centers in Singapore. This was the largest Data Center complex in Asia and serviced dozens of countries including Singapore and all of Southeast Asia. We had some software problems with CICS and the like. Critical Path Software and TurboTune came to our rescue sending its best people to Singapore, and that made a huge improvement to the speed and efficiency of both data centers. ”

John Harding – V.P. Computer Operations