Large Insurance Organization


One of the largest US insurance providers was able to reduce their software costs by 30%. They were able to increase their I/O by 453% and reduced response time by 57%. The entire project was completed in 3 months.


The client was one of the largest not-for-profit health insurance organizations in the US. The insurer’s membership included large and small groups, individuals and families.


The mainframe environment was at the core of their business. They were facing operational inefficiencies, increasing MLC costs and exuberant software licensing fees. They had tried to optimize their mainframe for a number of years but couldn’t find a solution that worked.


The mainframe was accessed by both CICS and nightly batch processing, there was also a significant daytime workload. The client was facing the addition of new hardware (e.g. a new engine) at significant expense to carry the workload.


CPSI performed an analysis of the mainframe and provided a detailed report that identified improvements to:

  • CPU utilization for Batch & Online processing
  • I/O measurements (i.e. EXCP counts) for Batch & Online processing
  • Millisecond response time for Batch & Online processing
  • Elapsed Time improvements for Batch processing
  • Recovery of “over allocated” disk space (due to non-optimal allocation)
  • The client implemented CPSI’s recommendations in 3 months and achieved immediate results.

All of the following results were provided by the client.

  • Response Time Reduced by 57.78%
  • Total I/O Increased by 453.21%
  • Max I/O Response Time Reduced by 18.96%
  • Max Server Time Reduced by 12.80%
  • Pending Time Reduced by 49.98%
  • Connect Time Reduced by 58.82%
  • Cacheable Increased by 469.31%
  • Cache Hits Increased by 384.40%
  • Cache Hit Reduced by 14.92%
  • Disk Reduced by 59.09%