U.S. Airline


An airline reservation system (for a top US Airline) had outsourced their mainframe processing. The client was facing exorbitant charges for increased MIPS utilization and was experiencing long run-times for a month end job. The job was a CICS IMS Data Base containing 200 million records running a Month End Edit. The job ran for an unacceptable amount of time, 14 days each month.

The client tried in vain to get the outsourcer to fix the issues but they could not identify the issues. The client engaged with CPSI. CPSI performed an in-depth analysis using the TurboTune® suite of tools.

TurboTune® identified several run-time improvements and specific recommendations were made. These recommendations were then tested and implemented into production. The client was able to dramatically reduce the run-time of the job from 14 days to 18 hours. The CPU remained stable and the job remained in the same low priority 8 Meg Region.